Global copper body puts focus on Chandigarh

International Copper Promotion Council has chosen Chandigarh to spread awareness about the usage of copper...

Written by Charanjit Ahuja | Chandigarh | Published: August 20, 2010 12:50:20 am

International Copper Promotion Council (India) has chosen Chandigarh to spread awareness about the usage of copper,the city being the best planned and greenest city in India– to highlight the essentiality of copper for sustainable development,human health and an improved quality of life.

“Chandigarh is on its way to becoming an IT hub,and it is important that new infrastructure uses the highest safety standards for electrical installations. ICPCI has been at the forefront of efforts to promote safe installation practices and conducts more than 300 training programs for electrical contractors across India each year. Our focus is on Chandigarh due to its enormous potential,” said Ajit Advani,CEO,International Copper Promotion Council (India). He said besides Chandigarh,Amritsar and Jammu would be the two other cities that the Council would be focusing on to launch awareness campaigns in next two to three months.

Advani told FE here on Thursday that “In the new era of technology and industrial change,the role of the earliest metal known to man – copper is steadily assuming levels of immense importance. Copper is possibly the greenest commonly used architectural metal today. It plays an essential role in the modern buildings,from recycled cladding and roofing systems,to high-tech plumbing and heating systems using tube and fittings which are manufactured from copper. Copper finds application in numerous fields,making it an integral part of our everyday living. It is one of the key materials considered while improving the energy efficiency of electrical equipment. High conductivity is one of its most important properties and 60% of copper currently produced is used in electrical applications. Copper magnetic wire is widely used in the motor industry,while electronics is successfully developing copper-based semi-conductors”.

Advani said though India is the world’s 6th largest energy consumer and our energy consumption is growing at over 10% per annum,the usage of copper was still far less in comparison as India uses 8 kg per head while China uses 5 kg per head and globally the average in the developed world stands at 15 kg per person.

Rising incomes,accelerated industrialisation,urbanisation and population growth have all contributed to additional demand on existing supply. The huge demand-supply gap for the current year is pegged at 15%peaking deficit and 9% energy shortage leading to frequent power cuts in the country with residential complexes being the most affected. India is expected to add 62,374 mw against the target of 78,700 mw during the 11th Plan. The total demand for electricity in India is expected to cross 950,000 mw by 2030.

It is estimated that about 12,000 mw of additional generation capacity can be avoided by 2017 through efficiency improvement measures at the end-use of electricity consumption. Further improving energy efficiency can also help overcome the power deficit,which is one of the most compelling infrastructural bottlenecks to sustaining the momentum of India’s growth.

Copper contributes to the sustainable use of energy.. Among all commercial metals,kilogram for kilogram,copper is the best conductor of heat and electricity. All electrical and thermal equipment benefit from copper’s superior thermal and electrical conducting properties.

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