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Fuming Chetan Bhagat slams Kingfisher

A 'flightless' Chetan Bhagat suggested other airlines should take over Kingfisher.

Author Chetan Bhagat and former investment banker,who was a victim of cancellation of Kingfisher flight to Perth,today gave vent to his frustration,suggesting that other airlines should take over running the cash-strapped carrier to avoid disruptions.

“Let other airlines run KF planes,and share revenue with the lenders. No disruption to airline sector schedule,fairest solution for lenders,” he wrote on microblogging site Twitter.

Bhagat,who quit his job as an investment banker to pursue full time writing,said,”I’ve been a distressed debt banker. Not the biggest expert on KF,but can say a) it will never make money,b) lenders will never get repaid.”

“Lenders shd check if thr r personal guarantees from promoters and enforce them,rather than give new money. If no guarantees,oops,u’ve been had,” he wrote on the microblogging site.


Bhagat,who had previously posted about how he was on the receiving end due to a last minute cancellation of his Kingfisher flight to Perth via Singapore,made fun of reported offers by nationalised banks to help the ailing carrier.

“Funny how nationalized banks can’t save farmers from committing suicides,but wants to save never-made-money,” Bhagat posted.

On Sunday,Bhagat had tweeted,”@flykingfisher booked flights to perth via sing kf. U guys cancelled flt so plan haywire. Want refund. Nobody picks helpline. Pl contact.”

Kingfisher has resorted to cancellation of flights for the sixth consecutive day today.

Incidentally,the author had in a twitter post late last year said,”I like Kingfisher. Am their loyal customer. But it is a private company. Using public money/ subsidies for its own problems not cool.”