Dress Sense

A new dress code — achkans ,bandgalas,suits,sarees or other traditional attire — is almost mandatory for most people for oath-taking ceremonies to new offices

Written by Express News Service | Published: July 17, 2012 3:32:45 am

A NEW dress code — achkans ,bandgalas,suits,sarees or other traditional attire — is almost mandatory for most people for oath-taking ceremonies to new offices. Not,it seems,for the man who is all set to occupy the highest office of the country. A close family member of Pranab Mukherjee,UPA’s Presidential nominee,is learnt to have suggested to him that he get new clothes made for oath-taking ceremony and for the rest of his stint at Rashtrapati Bhawan. Because,as President,he would have to attend innumerable ceremonies and formal functions and would therefore require some new formal clothes. Mukherjee apparently was not convinced. He told the relative that when he had become the Minister for External Affairs,an entire new wardrobe,which included bandgalas and suits,had been stitched for him and they would suffice for his Presidential stint as well.

Star Power

AAMIR Khan’s latest avatar as a superstar social activist caused quite a scene at Shastri Bhawan on Monday. Khan landed at the building,that houses several ministries,to meet Mukul Wasnik,the Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment. He apparently wanted to take up the case of manual scavengers,the subject of a recent episode of his television show. While he remained closeted with the minister,the staff at Shastri Bhawan gathered in hordes near the staircase to catch a glimpse of the star. The only working lift was kept reserved for him. Visitors to the building and even some senior officials found themselves stranded or had to struggle through the crowd to move around.

Burying the Hatchet

SALMAN Khurshid has a soft heart,say his friends and well-wishers. The Law Minister,who had a running battle with the former chief election commissioner S Y Quraishi over setting up an institute on election management when the latter was CEC,seems to have forgiven him. Quraishi was seen at Salman’s mango party,not on Saturday when journalists were invited and in which he was a regular invitee in previous years,but the next day when the event is more staid and mostly for bureaucrats. While letting bygones be bygones,quite possibly,both seemed to have thought that the media glare was best avoided.

Particle Article

FOR Trinamool Congress and Left parties,anything is good enough for a fight: even the Higgs boson,the discovery of which last week has excited the entire scientific world. The boson,an elusive sub-atomic particle,is named after Bengali scientist Satyendra Nath Bose who did some pioneering work in physics in the 1920s. The near-discovery of the Higgs boson has prompted an article in Trinamool’s official magazine which accuses the Left parties of ignoring the contribution of Bose. While showering praise on Bose,the party mouthpiece says that “pro-Left” physicists in Bengal in the 1930s and ‘40s were busy criticising America’s nuclear programme but were totally silent on Russia’s experiments in creating an atom bomb. In fact,it claims that Bose himself,during a lecture,had pointed out this dichotomy and censured pro-Left scientists of those times. The article then goes on to allege that the Communists have not changed since then and they have never appreciated the genius of Bose. The Communists continue to remain “two-faced liars”,it alleges.

High Hopes

HAVING presided over BJP’s rout in the recently held Assembly elections in politically crucial Uttar Pradesh,the former state unit president Surya Pratap Shahi is now fancying a role in national politics. He is preparing to contest the Lok Sabha elections in 2014 from Deoria. He,incidentally,had lost the Assembly election from a constituency that falls in this same parliamentary seat.

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