Cong leaders welcome inquiry into ‘snooping’

Cong leaders welcome inquiry into ‘snooping’

Congress welcomed the Commission of Inquiry to look into allegations of snooping.

Attacking BJP’s prime ministerial aspirant and Gujarat CM Narendra Modi,the Congress on Thursday welcomed the Commission of Inquiry to look into allegations of snooping on a woman by the Gujarat government machinery and said the state’s own probe was an attempt to pre-empt an inquiry by the Centre.

“Modi had perfected the art of pre-empting probes by setting up his own inquiries. We saw this in the case of Godhra and we saw this in the snooping case as well. But the nation is not fooled by his old tricks,” said Congress spokesman Abhishek Singhvi.

“The Centre is right in setting up the Commission of Inquiry because it is a question of breach of an individual’s privacy and gross abuse of constitutional powers by a chief minister and abuse of state machinery as well,” he said.

Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh said,“I congratulate the Centre. It should have happened much earlier because there is open violation of Indian Telegraph Act and Information Technology Act in this. Responsibility should be fixed.”


Congress leader Beni Prasad Verma said there has been delay in setting up the panel and that the “truth would have come out by now….”

Asked why the inquiry when the woman’s father had stated the surveilliance was ordered at his behest,he said the father may have been “managed”,to bring him around to this view. Verma said,“the victim is the girl,not the father”.