It’s been a decade but they are here,finally.

Written by JimmyJacob | Published: November 13, 2010 4:57:53 am




$ 13.98,rating: ****

It’s been a decade but they are here,finally. After stumbling from one genre to the other,as varied as southern rock to blues,this band from Tennessee has finally found its groove in alternative,bordering on grunge. And what better way for the Kings of Leon to get back with a new album that’s already topped the charts in Europe. However,you may find that stray voice protesting that their earlier albums were better. Pay it no heed,for the Kings of Leon have changed. Radioactive needs no introduction. Charged by strong vocals by Caleb Followill and a great video,this near-anthem sent most of Europe rushing to record stores.Pyro,set at a hearbeat’s pace,is different. It gives the vocals as well as the guitars enough space. Teenybop or not,the band does a good job of Mary. The End is the catchiest song on the list; the bass,drums and vocals gelling to become the tune in your head that just can’t be shaken off. Not that you’d want to,anyway. Back Down South takes you right there,reminding you of what bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd and Alabama were made of. It could be just the pick for a cold night by the campfire. In fact,except for a few tracks like The Immortals and Pickup Truck ,the album more than satisfies.

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