Church sees red as BJP mouthpiece talks of ‘poor state of nuns’

Church sees red as BJP mouthpiece talks of ‘poor state of nuns’

A delegation of Isai Mahasangh met MP DGP,other top cops demanding action against the publication.

Ruling BJP’s mouthpiece Charaiveti has carried an article alleging that sexual exploitation of nuns is rampant in Catholic Church,making the minority community see red and approach the police.

Titled “Church ke nark me nun ka jeevan”,the write-up in the latest issue of the monthly published from the party headquarters argues that the Church,or for that matter Christian countries,have no right to preach women’s equality when they can’t practice it themselves.

Citing instances of abuse alleged by nuns,especially in Kerala,the piece advocates Church reforms claiming that surveys have established that more than 25 per cent nuns are unhappy with their lives.

Penned by Delhi-based R L Francis,the piece says that lakhs of women,including those in veils,were suffering from mental disorders because once they get into the religious orders they are not allowed to come out.


“Several things happen in the name of religion that can be called extreme exploitation but the victims have no voice,” the piece says describing how efforts aimed at Church reforms were blocked in Kerala,which accounts for one-third of nearly 1.40 lakh nuns.

A delegation of Isai Mahasangh met the DGP and other senior police officers demanding action against the publication and those who are running it. A senior officer said a complaint has been received but the police have not intervened as yet.

Magazine editor Anil Soumitra said readers have every right to know about developments in other religions.

The publisher is Dr Hitesh Bajpai,the in-charge of BJP’s media in-charge.