Chaal-The Game Begins… And Ends…

Chaal-The Game Begins… And Ends…

Chaal….The Game Begins... And Ends... is about two guys who are not really friends.

Unconvincing triangle

Chaal….The Game Begins… And Ends… is about two guys who are not really friends. The good one,Raj (Riju Biswas),has no inkling that the bad one Ravi (Shaheb Chatterjee) is a psychopath who suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder. However,one is puzzled about why these two young men are so madly in love with Pooja (Arunima Ghosh) who is not a very good artist or even a girl with a strong mind. She is a gullible girl,who believes her boyfriend Raj has really shot and killed a bar- girl through Ravi’s manipulations. Raj is imprisoned for life till post-interval,a gritty young ACP called Akbar Ali Khan (Tota Roy Choudhury),smells something fishy about the whole case and sets out to find out the true killer. The guilty gets his just desserts in the nick of time. Raj is released and is united with the frail and fickle Pooja.

Chaal…. reminds one of Agni Sanskar (1961),an old Bengali hit featuring Uttam Kumar as the good man,Anil Chatterjee as the multi-millionaire psychopath and Supriya Debi as the lady they both fall in love with. But this is where the similarity ends. Alok Roy unfolds his film through a script that often forgets which way it is headed. Pooja’s aunt (Dolon Roy) is quite convincing as the scheming aunt who throws acerbic barbs at Ravi,even as she serves him food. Some of the dialogues are quite pithy and biting.

Tota Roy Choudhury is good as Akbar Ali Khan and Premjit as his loyalists gives him good support. Arunima,an extremely talented actress,is wasted in an inane role as Pooja that needs her to smile and simper alternately like a mechanised doll. Shaheb is very good till the interval but begins to falter thereafter. Riju needs to brush up on his looks with a proper makeover for a better screen presence,Kalyan Roy Barat’s music is inconsistent. Dulal Lahiri and Rahul Burman are very good as the corrupt lawyer and police officer respectively who are ready to bend rules if their palms are greased well by Ravi.

Ratings : The film barely deserves two stars –– one for the acting and one for the unusual storyline.