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CBI shouldn’t have shown report to Law Minister Ashwani Kumar: SG Mohan Parasaran

SG's comments come two days after AG Vahanvati was accused of trying to influence CBI probe.

As the UPA government grapples with the controversy over Law Minister Ashwani Kumar vetting the CBI’s coal blocks allotment probe report,Solicitor General Mohan Parasaran Thursday said that the CBI director should not have shared the report with the minister.

Parasaran’s comments come two days after Additional Solicitor General Harin Raval was forced to resign after he accused Attorney General G E Vahanvati of trying to influence the CBI probe and making him a scapegoat in the controversy.

“It is against the settled law in the Vineet Narain case. CBI is not expected to share its status reports,” Parasaran told The Indian Express when asked if it was legal and ethical for the CBI to share the report with the law minister and also allow him to make changes to it while the agency was still investigating the case.

“That is why the CBI director has stated in the affidavit that future reports wouldn’t be shared with the the political executive. This clearly shows that the agency knows what should be done and what not,” he said.


Asked to comment on the quarrel among law officers in the context of Raval’s allegations against Vahanvati,Parasaran said: “It’s very unfortunate. As law officers,we have the duty to tell the truth to courts. In fact,as law officers our primary duty is to the courts. We are expected to be the conscience keepers of the government. Whatever be the government view,our duty is to assist the court in finding the truth.”

“We also have to advise the government about the correct legal position. Nothing should deter us in performing our duty conscientiously. What has happened in the past two-three days pains me,” he added.