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CBI seeks info from Vadodara cops

The Central Bureau of Investigation,which is investigating the Sohrabuddin Sheikh and Tusli Prajapati encounter cases

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI),which is investigating the Sohrabuddin Sheikh and Tusli Prajapati encounter cases,had some queries for the Vadodara police soon after they came to know about the escape of the duo’s close aide,Sylvester Daniel,on Saturday.

Vadodara Commissioner of Police Satish Sharma said they have already replied to the queries. “We had received a letter from the CBI. They wanted details about the incident and we provided them with the same on Saturday,” Sharma told reporters at Police Bhavan on Sunday,without divulging content of the letter.

He admitted that Daniel escaped due to negligence of the escort party. “We will examine the jail records to find out who all met Sylvester (Daniel) after he came to the Vadodara Central Jail. So far,we have come to know that six persons met him,including his lawyer,” Sharma said.

He announced that in the wake of the incident,they would revamp the escorting system. “Before sending the accused (to courts) in important cases,we would study details of the case and the accused. We would also ensure that the escorting policemen have with good records,” said Sharma.

“Also,using the latest technology,we would track the vehicles carrying them from the central jail to different locations. A responsible officer would keep in touch with the escorting team at regular intervals and surprise checks would be conducted to check their alertness,” he added.