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CBI: Sachan murdered but can’t spot killers

CBI probe into mysterious death of former deputy CMO inside the Lucknow jail has hit a dead-end.

The CBI investigation into the mysterious death of former deputy CMO Dr Y S Sachan inside the Lucknow jail has hit a dead-end. While CBI is convinced Dr Sachan was murdered,as alleged by his family,it has failed to find any evidence to identify and nail the killers,it is learnt.

Investigators believe that unprofessional handling of the case by the UP Police just after the death had led to destruction of vital evidence. For several days,the UP Police did not even lodge an FIR,and when it did lodge an FIR,it did not conduct any investigation or collect evidence,said the CBI officials probing the case.

The CBI was ordered to investigate the case and submit a report in three months by the Allahabad High Court on July 14. The deadline ends next week.

In the last three months,the CBI has questioned jail officials and many others; ordered several forensic investigations; studied the cellphone records of several people,but all it has is some suspects and little clinching evidence.


Sachan,who was an accused in the sensational murders of former CMOs Dr V K Arya and Dr B P Singh,was found dead in a toilet on the unlit first floor of Lucknow jail on the night of June 22.

While the government dismissed it as suicide,Dr Sachan’s family alleged that he had been killed to prevent him from making crucial disclosures regarding involvement of influential people in the two murders and the financial scandals in the implementation of the National Rural Health Mission in UP.

CBI sources said forensic as well as medical experts had rubbished the suicide theory on the basis of available evidence,like the postmortem report which said that Dr Sachan bled to death from the several deep cuts found on his body.

Experts have told the CBI that the cuts could not be self-inflicted,nor could these have been inflicted with a half razor blade that was found on the spot. Dr Sachan was first killed and then hanged from the ventilator grill of the toilet using his belt to make it look like suicide,the experts have told CBI.

The investigators had lifted fingerprints from the ventilator,but these did not match with the samples taken from jail employees.