Briefly World: Tobacco giants fight Oz laws

Briefly World: Tobacco giants fight Oz laws

Tobacco giants fight Oz laws

The Sun’s royal editor arrested

LONDON: Duncan Larcombe,royal editor of Rupert Murdoch-owned The Sun,was on Thursday arrested along with two others in connection with Scotland Yard’s inquiry into alleged illegal payments to public officials by journalists for information.

France for more UN monitors in Syria

PARIS: The French foreign minister urged a more robust international observer mission in Syria,than it has been willing to accept. In Syria Thursday,activists said regime forces took control of a town and shot at activists.

Tobacco giants fight Oz laws

SYDNEY: Tobacco companies accused the Australian government of destroying the worth of their trademarks by forcing them to strip logos off cigarette packs,during a court battle over the world’s toughest laws on cigarette promotion on Thursday.


There was no immediate ruling following the three-day hearing in Australia’s High Court over the constitutionality of the country’s strict plain-packaging laws,which ban tobacco companies from displaying their distinctive colors,brand designs and logos on cigarette packs in a bid to make smoking less attractive.

Cigarettes will instead be sold in drab,olive green packs,featuring graphic health warnings and images of cancer-riddled mouths and bulging,blinded eyeballs. The law takes effect in December.

Obama,Romney neck and neck in poll

NEW YORK: An equal number of voters in a New York Times-CBS News poll said they were as confident in Mitt Romney’s (above) ability to lead the economy and be commander-in-chief as Barack Obama’s.