Briefly Business: Autopsy shows Top Gun director committed suicide

Autopsy shows Top Gun director committed suicide

Written by Agencies | Published: October 24, 2012 1:06:12 am

Autopsy shows Top Gun director committed suicide

LOS ANGELES: Filmmaker Tony Scott had an anti-depressant and sleep aid in his bloodstream when he leapt to his death from a suspension bridge in August,the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office said on Monday.

Preliminary autopsy results confirmed that Scott’s death,which baffled investigators and much of Hollywood,was a suicide.

9 killed in separate attacks in Baghdad

Baghdad: A series of attacks struck Shiite neighborhoods — Shula and Chikok — in Baghdad early on Tuesday,killing nine people and wounding 26,according to Iraqi officials. Four parked cars packed with explosives went off in Shula killing seven people,while Chikok saw two mortars claiming two lives.

Italy govt officials quit after conviction

Rome: Three senior members of the National Commission for the Forecast and Prevention of Major Risks resigned on Tuesday,a day after seven scientists were convicted of manslaughter for not giving adequate warning of the deadly earthquake in Italy. The head of the body,Luciano Maiani,former president Giuseppe Zamberletti and vice-president Mauro Rosi said the convictions had made it impossible to continue their work.

Taliban kills 10 Afghan securitymen

Herat: Ten Afghan security personnel have been killed in a bloody battle with Taliban insurgents in Herat,officials said on Tuesday. Five police officers were among the dead,a police spokesman said.

Obama continues attack on ‘Romnesia’

WASHINGTON: Attacking Mitt Romney as “reckless and wrong” on foreign policy,President Barack Obama on Tuesday said that his presidential opponent was suffering from “stage-three of Romnesia” during the last presidential debate.

“We had had a severe outbreak last night. It was at least stage-three ‘Romnesia’,” Obama said during an election speech in Delray Beach,Florida on Tuesday morning.

“I want to make sure nobody in the surrounding area catches it,” Obama said. “Governor Romney’s foreign policy has been wrong and reckless. Last night,he was all over the map. Did you notice that?” he said.

“Last night he said he always supported taking out Osama bin Laden. But in 2007,he said it wasn’t worth moving heaven and earth to catch one man,” Obama said alleging that Romney has frequently changed its stances on a lot of issues. Obama then describe it as “Romnesia” and said that the debate was “stage-three” — the severe outbreak of this condition.

Bin Laden would have escaped if We sought Pak permission: Obama

US President Barack Obama,in some of his most blunt remarks to date,said on Monday that Osama bin Laden would have escaped if the US had sought Pakistan’s permission ahead of the raid on the al-Qaeda leader’s compound. “If we had asked Pakistan (for) permission,we would not have gotten him,” Obama said. Agreeing to the President’s view,Romney said he also would have ordered the raid. “We had to go into Pakistan. We had to go in there to get Osama bin Laden. That was the right thing to do.”

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