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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Behind every successful man,there is…

10 crorepati candidates whose wives are even richer than they are!

Written by RAMENDRA SINGH | Published: February 3, 2012 12:50:54 am

10 crorepati candidates whose wives are even richer than they are,as declared to poll authorities for the Assembly elections:

Nand Gopal Nandi

(BSP,Allahabad South)

Wife: Abhilasha Gupta,business (trading,distribution,and manufacturing)

Rs 35.19 crore + Rs 60.06 crore

The total of Rs 95 crore makes the Homeopathy Minister the richest among the BSP’s candidates. Of Abhilasha’s declared assets,Rs 51.95 crore is movable,including a business loan of Rs 39.71 crore she has given. She has two BMWs and three Ford Endeavors,jewellery worth Rs 23.50 lakh,and holds shares of Rs 1.46 crore. Her immovable property,worth Rs 8.11 crore,includes land worth over Rs 5 crore. But Abhilasha has liabilities of Rs 51.84 crore.

Swami Prasad Maurya


Wife: Shiva Maurya,agriculture & operating educational institutions

Rs 56.60 lakh + Rs 64 lakh

The Panchayati Raj Minister and BSP state president’s wife has Rs 47 lakh in movable assets,including 13 bighas agricultural land in Rae Bareli (Rs 10 lakh),another 0.8130 hectares in Unchahar tehsil of Rae Bareli (Rs 17 lakh),and 232sq m residential property in Lucknow (Rs 20 lakh). Shiva’s total movable assets,worth Rs 17.05 lakh,include Rs 7.19 lakh in banks. Maurya has also declared a gun,worth Rs 15,000,in his wife’s name.

Kalraj Mishra

(BJP,Lucknow East)

Wife: Satyavati Mishra,occupation ‘not applicable’

Rs 78 lakh + Rs 2.41 crore

Three-fourths of the total wealth is declared as Satyavati Mishra’s in an affidavit that does not specify her occupation. Most of Satyavati’s wealth is in immovable property (Rs 2.13 crore) and most of that,in turn,is in a 450sq m residential plot in Noida,whose value has been declared as Rs 2.1 crore. Satyavati also has agricultural land in Jaunpur. Her movable assets,totalling over Rs 28 lakh,include Rs 15.75 lakh in gold and Rs 13 lakh in bank deposits.

Shivpal Singh Yadav

(SP,Jaswant Nagar)

Wife: Sarla,owner of Ankur Petroleum,member-director of Ankur Rice Industries and Binki Industries

Rs 1.29 crore + Rs 3.61 crore

The Leader of the Opposition has declared an additional Rs 1.50 crore as HUF property. Sarla’s immovable property is worth Rs 2.93 crore,including Rs 2.58 crore in two commercial plots,one of these in Lucknow. She has non-agricultural land in Agra,Gaurapura and Etawah,and agricultural land worth Rs 25.35 lakh. Her movable assets of Rs 68 lakh include mostly shares,besides bank deposits and gold. Sarla also has liabilities of Rs 8.62 lakh.

Mukhtar Ansari

Qaumi Ekta Dal,Mau

Wife: Afshan Ansari,housewife

Rs 1.32 crore + Rs 1.75 crore

The “housewife” is the wife of a former mafia don. Afshan Ansari’s immovable property is worth Rs 1.14 crore,of which Rs 60 lakh is in non-agricultural land,besides Rs 35 lakh in agricultural land and Rs 19 lakh in commercial property. Her movable assets,over Rs 61 lakh,include gold worth Rs 22 lakh and some investments. The bulk of these assets is,however,in two vehicles; her Ford Fiesta and Scoda Superb are together worth over Rs 30 lakh.

Daddan Mishra


Wife: Vimla Devi,housewife

Rs 96 lakh + Rs 1.51 crore

The former Ayurveda Minister is with the BJP because the BSP had denied him a ticket. The bulk of Vimla’s wealth is immovable,Rs 1.35 crore,which includes a commercial plot in Shravasti (Rs 60 lakh),agricultural land in Bahraich (Rs 40 lakh),and a house each in Bahraich and Lucknow,together worth Rs 35.29 lakh. Almost the entire value of her movable assets is in jewellery,Rs 16 lakh out of Rs 16.43 lakh.

Indrajeet Saroj


Wife: Pushpa Devi alias Ram Sanwari,business

Rs 96 lakh + Rs 1.51 crore

The Social Welfare Minister’s wife has Rs 83 lakh in immovable property,including land in Kaushambi and Allahabad,a house in Allahabad (Rs 17.75 lakh) and a 1,500sqft flat in Lucknow (Rs 20.52 lakh). Her movable assets of Rs 52 lakh include bank deposits of Rs 24 lakh and some jewellery. A lso listed is a Rs 15 lakh loan to Saroj,and a rifle and a revolver in her name. She has liabilities over Rs 40 lakh.

Dhirendra Pratap Singh


Wife: Savita,agriculture and MLC

Rs 1.43 crore + Rs 1.70 crore

Singh has declared an additional Rs 34 lakh with his four children. Savita’s immovable assets of Rs 1.32 crore include agricultural land worth Rs 19.50 lakh and residential property worth Rs 1.13 crore in Lucknow and Balrampur. Her movable assets of Rs 38 lakh include over Rs 10 lakh each in bank deposits and investments. She owns jewellery worth Rs 13 lakh,a car,and a double-barrel gun and a revolver.

Ram Sagar Akela


Wife: Pushpa Devi,trader and housewife

Rs 52.41 lakh + 64.28 lakh

A dependent son,too,has been listed in the affidavit; he has Rs 4 lakh,taking the declared total beyond Rs 1.20 crore. Pushpa Devi’s immovable assets are worth Rs 50 lakh,which include Rs 26 lakh in agricultural land,and Rs 24 lakh in residential property in Lucknow and Balrampur. Her movable assets of Rs14.28 lakh include gold worth Rs 1.96 lakh,an an investment of Rs 8.37 lakh in a construction company.



Wife: Lata Devi,‘politics’

Rs 33.02 lakh + Rs Rs 99.08 lakh

Lata DEVI has immovable property worth Rs 77 lakh — Rs 57 lakh non-agricultural,Rs 15 lakh residential and Rs 5 lakh agricultural. Her movable assets of Rs 22.08 lakh include the values of a Toyota Qualis and a Mahindra Scorpio,besides cash (Rs 1.10 lakh),jewellery (Rs 1.60 lakh) and bank deposits (Rs 1.17 lakh). She also has a liability of Rs 18 lakh,a loan she had taken from Punjab National Bank.

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