Bangalore techie falls to death while ‘trying stunt’

Bangalore techie falls to death while ‘trying stunt’

Kavita Armugam,31,employed in the US till recently,fell to death from a 11th-floor apartment.

A software engineer employed in the US till recently fell to death from a 11th-floor apartment in Sahakarnagar,Bangalore,around 3 am Wednesday. She was allegedly trying to perform the stunt of jumping balconies in the presence of friends.

The police said Kavita Armugam (31) and friends partied at the house of a doctor in Canara Bank Colony before moving to the apartment in Alpine Pyramid building at 2.30 am. The flat belongs to photographer Kalyan Varma.

Her friends told the police Kavita was involved in climbing and other adventure sports. They said she had been climbing walls and jumping buildings since childhood. The police said Kavita,Kalyan and other friends were talking on the balcony when she decided to jump across to another balcony but landed on the ground and died on the spot. The police were called around 5 am.

They said Kavita had recently quit a software company in the US and was looking for work in India. She came to Bangalore four months ago for her sister’s wedding and was now living with her father.


The police quoted her friends as saying that she may have consumed alcohol earlier,but said a clear picture would emerge only after autopsy. Flat owner Kalyan Varma,however,denied Kavita had consumed alcohol. “She was not under the influence of alcohol,” he said.

“It seems she was on the edge of the balcony when she fell. There is a two-foot gap between two balconies and she was trying to climb from one to the other,” Varma said.