ASI: Will stop once we hit natural soil in 2nd trench

With only and bones being found at the site so far,the ASI is set to close the excavation.

Written by SURBHI KHYATI | Lucknow | Published: November 12, 2013 12:44:05 am

After around 20 days and over eight metres of excavation,the Archaeological Survey of India is yet to find any trace of gold in Daundiya Kheda village of Unnao,where a local seer Shobhan Sarkar has been claiming the presence of gold treasure in the ruins of Raja Rao Ram Bux Singh’s fort. With only and bones being found at the site so far,the ASI is set to close the excavation if and when the team finds natural soil in the second trench as well.

So far,the ASI has excavated up to 4.6 metres in the second 2.10mX4.25m trench and has found cultural deposits,said P K Mishra,superintending archaeologist,Lucknow Circle,ASI. “We are still excavating and are finding cultural deposits such as black-slipped wares,” said Mishra.

The ASI had started digging a second trench adjacent to the first one on November 1.

“We will also dig in the second trench till we find natural soil and then we will stop the excavation work at the site,” Dr Syed Jamal Hasan,Director (Exploration and Excavation),ASI told The Indian Express.

Hasan said that after the excavation work stops,the team will bring the artefacts,mostly pieces of potteries and bones,to the Lucknow office and start the detailed analysis of the objects found,comparing them with similar archaeological evidences found at nearby archaeological sites. “It might take another one month to prepare the preliminary report on the excavation,” he said.

Hasan also denied that the excavation at Daundiya Kheda was started based on the reports by the Geological Survey of India.

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