ASI digs for treasure today,UP says want lion’s share

ASI digs for treasure today,UP says want lion’s share

Yadav is also convinced that the hidden treasure will be unearthed as dreamt by Sarkar.

A Day before the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is to begin digging at Daundiya Kheda village in Unnao for a 19th century treasure,about which a sadhu apparently dreamt of,Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has sent an emissary to meet the sadhu to claim the lion’s share of the treasure for the development of the state.

Sunil Yadav,who is an advisor in dairy development department and holds a minister of state status in the government,met sadhu Shobhan Sarkar at his ashram at Buxar in Unnao Thursday and held a closed-door meeting for nearly 40 minutes.

“I met Shobhan Sarkar Thursday. I apprised him that Uttar Pradesh should be given preference and adequate funds should be provided to it for the development of the state. The sadhu agreed and said the treasure is so huge that it can be used to develop the whole state ,” Yadav said.

Yadav added that “we want our state should be given a priority in development”. As Yadav hails from Unnao district,Akhilesh chose him to meet Sarkar. “Sarkar’s ashram,too,gave two memorandums,which I will forward to the CM,” Yadav stated.


Yadav is also convinced that the hidden treasure will be unearthed as dreamt by Sarkar. “I am not sure about the quantity but there is gold buried in the ruins. It will be excavated. Sarkar is ready to be tried for sedition if his dream is not proved true,” he said.

Interestingly,Sarkar also claimed that a similar treasure is hidden at many other places in UP. “He has given me a list of pockets in Kanpur,Bithoor,Fatehpur,etc where similar treasure is hidden. Everything will be conveyed to the CM for further action,” Yadav said. He also said the sadhu has suggested that the treasure could be more easily excavated if the Army was pressed into service.

Meanwhile,due to a heavy rush of media and visitors,local administration has deployed PAC in the village.

Nearly 1,000 people visit the ruins everyday where the ASI has already carried out measurements for excavation.

The media camping in the village will air the excavation process live. Villagers have already placed their demands for development in their area from the hidden treasure.

Earlier,Sarkar had claimed he had a dream of hidden treasure in the ruins of fort of Raja Rao Ram Bux Singh who was martyred in 1857 war of independence by the Britishers. After Sarkar informed the central government about his dream,union minister of agriculture and food processing Charan Das Mahant swung into action and Geological Survey of India was asked to undertake a geophysical survey. Later,the site was handed over to ASI for the excavation.