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Apex court asks states to follow panel’s directives on teachers

Sub-committee was formed by the HRD ministry under court directives

Paving the way for sweeping reforms in the teacher education system,the Supreme Court has ordered the Centre and state governments to strictly follow the directives of a court-mandated panel in order to prevent deteriorating teachers’ quality in the country.

The sub-committee was formed by the HRD ministry under court directives to ensure implementation of the Justice Verma Commission’s recommendations. The nine-member commission,headed by ex-CJI

J S Verma,was mandated to examine the entire gamut of issues which had a bearing on improving the quality of teacher education and the regulatory functions of the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE).

“In pursuant to the court orders,the government has formed a sub-committee… We make it clear that all the recommendations of the sub-committee hereinafter shall be final and binding on the Centre,all the state governments,NCTE and UGC,” ordered a Bench of Justices G S Singhvi and V Gopala Gowda. It also commended Additional Solicitor General Gaurab Banerjee for the government’s assistance to the court in ensuring a policy framework is developed.


While the Central Advisory Board on Education endorsed Justice Verma Commission’s report,the SC order now makes the directions of its sub-committee binding on all the governments and hence permission to open a teacher training institution will now have to be subjected to the sub-committee’s standards.

Earlier,regretting the quality of existing teachers’,the court favoured a slew of reforms and set up the Verma Commission. Bringing teacher education under the higher education system and an restructuring of the NCTE were some of the reforms proposed.