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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Amar Sting

The SP’s general secretary won’t stop performing. But his party’s growing up

Written by The Indian Express | Published: January 13, 2009 4:35:43 am

Anyone would think that it was Amar Singh’s birthday that was imminent,not Mayawati’s. He’s certainly having a whale of a time,occupying the headlines as if they’re his by right. Over the past weekend alone several different incidents have kept him,and the media,busy,one after the other. On Friday,he was arrested. (For most people,this is enough to constitute a busy weekend,but Amar Singh is not most people.) He was arrested protesting against the arrest of those the UP police believed were responsible for the horrific rape of an MBA student in Noida recently; and,with his customary disdain for caution he announced that those arrested were “innocent” and that there had been a “cover-up”. On Saturday,he released the names of 17 more Samajwadi Party nominees for parliamentary constituencies in Uttar Pradesh,while complaining that local Congress leaders were “continually insulting” him and the SP. And,on Sunday,for a pleasant finale to a nice winter weekend,he released with much fanfare recordings that he said were of Bahujan Samaj Party members conspiring to launder money.

This sort of weekend is not unusual for the SP’s gadfly general secretary. Indeed,it wasn’t even an

unusual set of days — the Thursday before this weekend,he threatened to withdraw support to the UPA over terrorism,and then,hours later,announced that the home minister,instead,“deserved encomium”. What lies beneath this busy buzzing is,however,unusual and interesting. The SP and its leaders are making a lot of noise in an attempt to obscure their acceptance of the need for an alliance with

the Congress in UP ahead of the general elections. While it is difficult to say that the noise needs to be welcomed,the underlying shift certainly should be welcomed.

The SP is one of the last hold-outs of the post-1989 fragmentation of our polity,one that led to instability and excessive power in the hands of marginal actors. That the SP

appears to have accepted the need to move towards a stable two-party system in every state and at the Centre is something that is worthy of applause and of emulation by other regional parties. There is absolutely no guarantee that in the future Amar Singh will not make headline-grabbing statements,release CDs that expose what he says are dark,dastardly deeds,or get himself arrested. But,as long as his party accepts that the future of Indian politics requires responsibility on a macro level,none of us should be unduly worried.

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