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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

All American Nightmare

Hinder is no stranger to change,and All American Nightmare proves just that.

Written by JimmyJacob | Published: December 25, 2010 12:15:19 am

All American Nightmare


Universal Republic

Rs 600,rating: ****

Hinder is no stranger to change,and All American Nightmare proves just that. It was way back in 2004 that we woke up to a song called Lips of an angel,and the realisation that this band from Oklahoma could roll a mean rock. Six years later,Hinder’s here again,and it is not mourning old flames anymore; now it’s all about sex,drugs and the darker side of music.

Two sides of me,with its depiction of a desperado with a devil-may-care attitude,sets the mood for the album – that there wouldn’t be anything remotely soppy about what is to follow. The title song follows in the same vein,both lyrics and music merciless in its admission that I’m red-white-blue tattooed and just don’t care,I’m the all-American nightmare.

The album starts on a heavy note,with guitars and drums providing apt accompaniment to lyrics that speak of recklessness,heroin trips and old girlfriends. Sobriety sets in halfway through the album with a track that asks,What ya gonna do when the whiskey ain’t working no more?,and keeps you there awhile until,hell,it’s time for Waking up the devil!

The 10-track album has everything a true-blue rock lover would like,including a number that takes on guitar-less music (Hey-ho),a token rock lament (Everybody’s wrong) and a truly foot-tapping nostalgia piece (Put the record on). Highly recommended.

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