Airline spoofs Barack Obama agents’ sex scandal

Airline spoofs Barack Obama agents’ sex scandal

Spirit Airlines is now capitalizing on US President Barack Obama's Secret Service sex scandal.

Spirit Airlines is now capitalizing on the Secret Service sex scandal with a new Internet advertisement offering cheap flights to Colombia that promises ‘more bang for your buck.’

The ad offers flights to Cartegena,the city where 11 Secret Service agents brought as many as 20 hookers back to their hotel rooms for sex before being recalled to Washington in disgrace,for fares ‘from only’ 19.80 dollars.

The ad’s graphic features a bevy of bikini-clad women and a man in a dark suit with sunglasses and an ear-piece – fleshing out the scandal.

He’s pressing a finger to his lips,as if the promise that he won’t tell.


The ad also notes that “upfront payment is required,” presumably a jab at one agent accused of not paying the 24-year-old call girl at the heart of the scandal.

On Saturday,reports began to circulate that several Secret Service agents assigned to protect President Obama were sent home amid allegations they had been cavorting with prostitutes while on duty in Cartagena,Colombia.

Spirit is a low-cost carrier based in Miramar,Fla.,and flies internationally to the Caribbean,Latin America and South America.

The company regularly references current events and political figures in its controversial advertisements.

The airline has also mocked the likes of Tiger Woods,Charlie Sheen,Blagojevich and former Congressman Anthony Weinerin their ads.