Added Attractions

Added Attractions

Vishal Bhardwaj did the smart thing by junking the original beginning of Kaminey....

Vishal Bhardwaj did the smart thing by junking the original beginning of Kaminey. It’s got bunches of people getting massacred in Africa — in a church,in a house,in the fields. And somewhere in there is a guy clutching diamonds as big as golf balls. It’s all shot in dark brown,the barking of machine guns overlaying the mutter of indistinct dialogue. After a long interlude — in which you can’t quite figure out what’s going on — the voiceover of Charlie,one of the twin brothers in the film,comes on.

If Bhardwaj had retained the original,the film would have had many more nay-sayers: as it is,enough people turned their back on it,saying they couldn’t understand. The sequence in Africa is part of the deleted scenes that make up the extras on the DVD,and make it worthy of shelf space.

There’s also a longer version of the song in which the other brother,the good Guddu,falls in love with his Maharashtrian spitfire. Much as we are glad that the beginning was changed,we are not happy that this was left out — it tells the backstory of the lovers much better than what’s been left in. We laud the editors for keeping the climax shorter though: the original version is more tiresome,with more smoke and noise and people falling about and clutching bloody chests.

The detailed “Making Of” segment has the director and the main actors talking about how the film came to them and how they went about making it. And Bhardwaj comes across as a thinking guy,at work on what he calls the most difficult film of his career.


The Hangover made enough people laugh around the globe for producers Warner Bros to dub it the “funniest comedy of the year”. It’s not only Americans who make such a song and dance about bachelor parties. It is apparently a wildly popular urban phenom. A man about to get married needs to break out — if it is Las Vegas,great; if not,it matters not. All you need is four red-blooded male pals with healthy credit cards,and a desire to live it up one last time.

The just-out DVD has a great section called the Destruction Map: each location that the characters trash,and get trashed at,is brought into deep focus. The classic hotels (no sets,the director wanted the charge a great hotel gives off),the suites,the hospital,the police station,the church,the parking lot,the stretch of desert and,of course,Mike Tyson’s home with the tiger and the bodyguards all get their two bits of airtime. (For those who haven’t seen the film,there’s a tiger who happens to belong to Tyson and who gets to roar a lot).

All the hungover men — Bradley Cooper,Ed Helms,Zach Galifianakis and Justin Bartha — recount their stories,and they are all very funny. The Hangover is a classic pre-wedding buddy movie.