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AAP says probe others also as Centre starts investigation into funds received by party

Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde said that they had received complaints about the same.

The Centre has begun to investigate alleged irregularities in the funding received by Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Admi Party (AAP),Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde said on Monday.

AAP “welcomed” the probe and demanded that the funding of other parties be investigated as well.

“We have received complaints and are probing the matter. We are trying to ascertain from where the funds are coming and from which countries,what is the source etc. We are trying to find out all these,” Shinde said on being asked about the alleged foreign sources of the AAP’s funds .

The probe will be carried out by the ministry’s Foreigners’ Division,which monitors the funding of NGOs and issues instructions. Officials said a questionnaire was being issued on the basis of a private individual’s complaint. Shinde said a detailed probe was likely to take time,and its outcome might not be known before the Delhi assembly polls of December 4,at which the AAP debuts.


In a statement,the party said,“When AAP was formed,we announced clearly that we are coming not to do politics but to change dirty politics. We feel there cannot be anything better for the political system in India than investigation into sources of political funding. Because of this,AAP welcomes union home minister’s statement… We feel that… there should be a probe into funds of all political parties… and if corruption is found in any of them then their leaders should be sent to jail.”

AAP leaders said they had records of “every rupee that has been received”.

“All the funds that AAP has got from abroad are from people who hold Indian passports. Receiving funds from Indians,even if they are abroad,is not illegal. AAP is unlike other parties and has the names of all donors,” a leader said.

As per data posted on the AAP web site,the party had received donations of Rs 19.12 crore until Monday midnight. The bulk — over Rs 13.44 crore — had come from donors in India,followed by those in the US (Rs 1.98 crore),Hong Kong (Rs 1.14 crore),the UAE (Rs 59.46 lakh),Singapore (Rs 56.73 lakh) and the UK (Rs 36.34 lakh).

The party had also put up a list of 803 donors from India and abroad mentioning their contributions. A “live” list of donors was unavailable due to “very heavy traffic” on the site.

Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit had on Sunday questioned the source of AAP’s funds. Kejriwal and his aides have been relentlessly attacking Dikshit and her government over their alleged corruption.