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A victim

Orphaned in the Gateway blast,she has three siblings to look after....

The blows never seem to end for the Yadav siblings. The latest to hit them: the man who was to marry Savita,20,the eldest among them,has changed his mind. She has also been thrown out of her Ulhasnagar home by her uncle. It all started,according to them,when they lost their parents in the bomb blast at the Gateway of India in August 2003. Hanumanta and Sakhi Yadav used to sell flowers and toys there.

The couple left behind five children,Savita was 12 then and the youngest Narsu only two. Help started pouring in after The Indian Express report. Later,a trust was formed to help them.

Savita was to marry a Pune-based man. “He didn’t want me to help my siblings after marriage and this was unacceptable. I am the only support they have,” she said.

Even her uncle asked her to leave the house,owned by her. “I can easily get them out of the house,but I am waiting for the monsoon to get over otherwise they would be left roofless,” she added. She now stays with a cousin.


But as the news of the verdict was broken to her,Savita’s expression suddenly changed. “I am happy that they are convicted… very happy,” she said. “I just want to see the people who killed my parents… slap them once. They should realise what it means to be an orphan. They are responsible for our misery.”

Narsu is currently studying in Class I in a boarding school in Koregaon Park,Pune,while Bharti (13) and Radha (11) are studying in Class II in another boarding school. “I miss them a lot and do visit them once a month,” Savita said.

Savita said another sister,Rajeshri,was not interested in studies. “She eloped with a disabled man,” Savita said. Last month,Rajeshri was crushed by a truck while she was sleeping on the pavement. Savita is yet to break the news of Rajeshri’s death to her siblings.