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A makeover for your bathroom

Bathrooms are an integral part of our home and we should always take care when designing it. It is very important for us to select the right elements

Bathrooms are an integral part of our home and we should always take care when designing it. It is very important for us to select the right elements,the main being plumbing features like faucets,sanitary ware,shower spray,etc. One gets attracted towards a bathroom only when if it looks nice,clean and offers ease of use. This is possible,only when one selects the right kind of faucets and other bathroom accessories.

One must bear in mind that bathroom fittings must be fixed and attached properly to avoid instances of water leakage and seepage.

One can choose from a variety of models and styles of taps that are available in market,keeping in mind the look of our bathroom. Always remember to choose designs that blend with the interior of the space.

Cross water taps are the popular ones among different varieties of taps.


They are noted for their durability,style,quality and suit your budget too. There are a wide variety of showers available too — they are efficient,user friendly and stylish. These showers assure complete comfort as they are designed using the latest technology to enhance the glory of your bathroom. Showers should always be selected from the best quality options as they form a very important part of our bathroom interiors.

The design can either be simple or luxurious. A simple room can be created using pastel colours such as cream,blue and white. Alternatively,an elegant room can be created using tiles,metal,marble and glass. In choosing bathroom accessories,the best thing to consider is their form and function.

In decorating the bathroom,consider the theme that you like. It is easy to make necessary changes when you know how it should look like after decorating it. This is useful when you’re about to beautify the room by thinking over it first. Bathroom fixtures serve many functions,being appropriate for small and large rooms. A cabinet for towels is useful to save space,along with shelves for hygiene products and cosmetics. You can simply improve your bathroom’s appearance by using bathtub and bathroom lights. Do consider the colour of the space. The accessories must blend with the colour in order to have a balanced effect. Your taste can be expressed using some colourful wall pictures and flowers.

More importantly,consider the purpose of the accessory and the material used. You should choose only the fixtures that can help you the most. What really matters most is that you should choose the best bathroom accessories that are right for you. Remember that it should always satisfy your needs first.

— The author is DGM-Marketing,Somany Ceramics