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A Magical Journey

It was one of the most awaited movies of the year,In Which Voldemort Got His.

Harry Potter and The Deathy Hallows Part 2

Reliance Home Video

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It was one of the most awaited movies of the year,In Which Voldemort Got His. The last and final instalment of the Harry Potter franchise gave slavering fans exactly what they wanted,a humdinger of a climax,in which Harry the wizard wins,with the help of his friends Ron and Hermione. And the evil snake-faced enemy is vanquished. The battle is long and weary,and we are ready for it,even those of us who never wanted to see The End to this magic-and-muggles saga.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 is a fitting closure to a series which has filled the last decade with the doings of wizards,talking animals,and all kinds of sorcery. And oh,a worthy enemy,worth each sharp point of its poisoned fangs. The final film is an improvement on the penultimate one,in which the three friends spent almost all their time stumbling around dreary gray marshes. In this one,Harry discovers that he can be good-natured again (we were all seriously tired of Harry the champion sulker of the previous films),goes back to Hogwarts,enlists the help of the good guys,and beats back the Deatheaters,and their Dark Lord.

The DVD has an unusually well-made documentary which captures the last few days of the shoot. The lead actors,Dan,Emma and several others talk of their journey on and off the sets. Just think of it: a decade on the sets of a film,filled with birthdays,anniversaries,illnesses and sicknesses. Most of the cast and crew had memories that stretched back to the beginning,and for most of them,the wrap was an emotional moment.


The wandering around on the sets and the chats with some of the people who worked behind the scenes gives you some idea of just how gigantic this operation has been. This last film was more dependant on computer-generated SFX than the previous ones,but even so,a lot of the stunts were done by real stuntmen. We see how the denouement,full of blazing flames,injured young wizards,crackling wands,and smashing spells,is shot,and you marvel at just how real it seems when you watch the film. There are some funny bits,too. Every wand assigned to the wizards had its own rack and number,and no one was allowed to take it off the sets: the very strict wand-minders made sure of that!

The filmmaker captures a Harry-Ron-Hermione huddle on the last day of the shoot,and that brings home to you about how close these actors have had to be,spending their days (and shooting nights) in close proximity. When they are asked how they are feeling,now that it is all over. They all say,haltingly,slowly,that they have no idea,and it brings to you,sharply,the sense of an ending.