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‘9/1,000 air passengers bags mishandled’

Air travellers' cases related to mishandled baggage have reduced by almost 52.4% in 2011,a reports shows.

In what may bring considerable relief to air travellers,cases related to mishandled baggage have reduced by almost 52.4 per cent in 2011 as compared to 2007,according to a report.

In 2011,8.99 bags were mishandled per thousand passengers as compared 18.88 in 2007 as per the data compiled by SITA,a European aviation services company,in its eight Baggage Report 2012.

In 2011,99.1 per cent of checked baggage was delivered on time,which the report claimed is the highest rate of successful delivery since 2007 when the report was first produced. Fewer cases of mishandled baggage have resulted in a saving of $650 million for the air transport industry over 2010.

While Europe has been most efficient is bringing down the mishandled baggage rate,Asia lags behind.

“In 2011,even as the number of passengers rose to 2.87 billion,cases of mishandled bags was reduced to 25.8 million,” said SITA’s CEO Francesco Violante.