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2 fly out of Canada jail,James Bond-style

Two Quebec inmates climbed up a rope into a hovering helicopter to make a daring daylight escape from a jail northwest of Montreal,authorities said,but both were later recaptured

Two Quebec inmates climbed up a rope into a hovering helicopter to make a daring daylight escape from a jail northwest of Montreal,authorities said,but both were later recaptured.

Quebec provincial police said early Monday they arrested four people about 50 kilometers north of the Saint-Jerome jail from which the inmates escaped on Sunday. Two of those arrested were inmates Benjamin Hudon-Barbeau (36) and Danny Provencal (33).

Hudon-Barbeau was arrested Sunday and later police had located Provencal,establishing a security perimeter around a building where he had barricaded himself.

Quebec Provincial Police Sgt. Benoit Richard said just before midnight that negotiations were continuing with Provencal and by early Monday,Richard said Provencal had surrendered peacefully.


Earlier on Sunday,police received a call from the staff at the Saint-Jerome jail,reporting the escape around 2.20 pm,Richard said.

The jail’s warden told police that Hudon-Barbeau and Provencal had grabbed a rope dropped from the helicopter to make their getaway,Richard said.

Quebec provincial police tracked down the helicopter used in the escape on Sunday afternoon to Mont-Tremblant,about 85 kilometers away from the jail but only the chopper’s pilot was still at the scene. He was taken to a local hospital and treated for shock,Richard said. He called the pilot “an important witness” in the case.

A Montreal radio station said it received a call Sunday from a man claiming to be Hudon-Barbeau.

“The way they’re treating me in there,it’s unreal,” the man told the radio station. “They won’t let me be. They put me back in prison for nothing.’’ Authorities did not immediately respond to the claims made in the radio station interview.

Yves Galarneau,the correctional services manager who oversees the Saint-Jerome jail,said there are no security measures in place at the jail to prevent a helicopter from swooping down from above. “As far as I know,it’s a first in Quebec,” he told reporters at the scene. “It’s exceptional.”

Epic helicopter escapes


Nadine Vaujour took helicopter flight lessons only to ‘rescue’ her husband,Michel. He was serving an attempted murder sentence. In May 1986,Nadine picked him up in a helicopter and fled. She was later arrested and Michel was shot during a bank robbery.


In 1971,Joel Kaplan hopped on a chopper in a Mexican prison yard,never to return. Kaplan,convicted for death of his business partner in Mexico City,insisted he was innocent. His daring escape inspired the book The 10-Second Jailbreak and the 1975 movie Breakout.


Pascal Payet holds the record for planning the most number of copter escapes,according to Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. He first used a helicopter to flee from a Luynes prison in 2001. Two years later,he helped inmates escape by chopper. He was caught,only to escape third time.


In 2007,when Nordin Ben Allal’s men landed at a Belgian prison,other inmates tried to jump on board. The chopper spun out of control,injuring the pilot and several prisoners. Ben Allal managed to escape — only to get caught.