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Monday, January 20, 2020

‘2 fidayeen have left for Ahmedabad… they and Javed aim to kill Modi’

The FIR names Zeeshan Johar,Amjadali Akbarali Rana and Javed Sheikh

Ahmedabad | Published: November 23, 2011 2:49:36 am

The original FIR filed by the Detection of Crime Branch,Ahmedabad,after its men shot dead Ishrat Jahan and three others on June 15,2004,projects its officers as heroes who had trailed the four and waylaid their car,faced gunfire from one of them and shot back in “self-defence” to kill all four “terrorists”.

The FIR,which is against all four,names Zeeshan Johar alias Janbaaz alias Abdulgani of Pakistan; Amjadali Akbarali Rana alias Salim alias Chandu alias Rajkumar,also of Pakistan; and Javed (Sheikh) of Pune. Ishrat is described as a “woman terrorist whose name and address were not known” (an identity card later helped establish that she was Ishrat Jahan of Khalsa College,Mumbai).

The supposed encounter,which a three-member Special Investigation Team appointed by the Gujarat High Court has unanimously concluded as fake,and the events leading to it are described from the first “tip-off” to the killing. The complainant in the FIR (I-CR No 08/2004) was J G Parmar,then a DCB police inspector and now possibly set to become an accused.

Filed at 8.45 am on June 15,2004,Parmar’s FIR mentions the place of the incident as near the turning at Kotarpur Waterworks,Sardarnagar. After listing the various sections under which the four were booked,it proceeds to describe an alleged Lashkar-e-Toiba plot to kill Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

The introductory paragraph says that after the 2002 Godhra train carnage and subsequent communal riots,Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar had been made targets of terror activities of Pakistani-based groups like the LeT. Then the FIR speaks about the alleged plot of those it killed.

“Fifteen days ago,an intelligence input had been provided to Ahmedabad Commissioner of Police K R Kaushik by intelligence sources,” it says,then describes the “input”: “From Kashmir,two Pakistani fidayeen from LeT have separately left for Ahmedabad. Their names are (1) Zeeshan Johar alias Janbaaz alias Abdulgani,a resident of Narnanak Kalerbadi,district Gujranwala,Punjab,Pakistan; (2) Amjadali Akbarali Rana alias Salim alias Chandu alias Rajkumar,a resident of Haveli Diwan,Bhalwal district,Sargoda,Punjab,Pakistan. Apart from them,Javed — a Lashkar operative from Pune,Maharashtra — has been setting up the local network for these two Pakistani fidayeen. These Pakistani fidayeen and Javed aim to kill the Gujarat Chief Minister in a suicide attack. And for this,they have been doing recces in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar of the Chief Minister’s residence,office and the routes he travels.”

Parmar adds that the DCB’s then Joint Commissioner P P Pandey and Additional Commissioner D G Vanzara summoned him and and an Assistant Commissioner of Police,G L Singhal,shared the “explosive” and “startling” tip-off,and asked the two to be vigilant and investigate further.

On June 14,2004,the FIR says,Pandey got a specific tip-off around 11 pm through a “personal source” that Javed and the two Pakistani fidayeen had left for Ahmedabad from Mumbai in a blue Indica (MH-02-JA-4786) with arms and ammunition,and that the car might enter Ahmedabad anytime in the early morning. Vanzara then ordered a nakabandi in Ahmedabad under his direct supervision to intercept the car.

Six teams were formed and deployed at different entry-exit points of Ahmedabad,taking up their positions at 1.30 am. At 4 am,the team led by then ACP (DCB) Narendra Amin spotted the blue Indica at Narol Crossroads,the FIR says,adding that it took a turn towards Naroda. Parmar was part of that team,he writes.

Amin,while following the Indicar car,informed Singhal (at Indira Circle) about this,the FIR says. It adds Amin then relayed the information to Singhal,saying the car had taken a turn towards the airport and that it might get away. All teams then went in the direction of the airport to intercept the Indica and took positions behind the bushes on the sides of the road,the FIR says,with Amin following till there.

“The Indica slowed down at a turn near the Kotarpur Waterworks. A commando,Mohanbhai Nanjibhai (Badge No 1898) sitting in our vehicle,fired at the rear wheel of the Indica under the orders of Amin and burst the tyre,following which the car dragged towards the divider and stopped,” it says.

The FIR then decribes the police version of the firing: “Immediately,a terrorist alighted the car from the left rear door along with an AK 56 and started indiscriminate firing at our vehicle,along with other terrorists in the car,after taking position. However,before that Amin,commando PC Mohanbhai,driver Bhalabhai,PSI K S Desai and I got out of the vehicle and took position behind it,and we were not harmed,” Parmar says.

“Then,under the instructions of Amin,we started firing in self-defence with his AK 47 rifle and fired 10 rounds….After some time,when the firing from the other side stopped and we went nearer the Indica,the terrorist sitting in the rear sear,the terrorist sitting in the driving seat,the female terrorist sitting next to the driver and the terrorist who had taken position near the road divider – in all four terrorists – were found dead on the spot.”

In all,police fired around 70 rounds in “self-defence”.

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