Baby Falak dies after battling for life for 2 months

Baby Falak dies after battling for life for 2 months

Falak had undergone 5 brain surgeries,survived severe bacterial infection and 3 cardiac arrests.

After battling for life nearly two months,the two-year-old girl,who had been brought with severe injuries to the AIIMS Trauma Centre by a teenaged girl,died on Thursday night. She had undergone five brain surgeries,survived a severe bacterial infection and three cardiac arrests.

“She had a heart attack at 9 pm. Despite our best efforts,we could not revive her this time. We declared her dead at 9.40 pm,” Dr M C Misra,chief of AIIMS Trauma Centre,told Newsline.

Doctors who had been treating her ever since she was admitted on January 18 mourned for the infant. The staff at the High Dependency Unit of the Neurology ward said she had not displayed any sign of deterioration.

“When she came,no one thought she would live,considering the severity of her injuries. Now,when she was getting better,and doing so well,she has been snatched away. Her heart rate was slightly low since morning. But in her case,it had been fluctuating from the day of the admission,” said Dr Deepak Aggarwal,the consultant in Neurosurgery who performed all the surgeries.


Doctors said the infant’s case was very rare at the Trauma Centre since she was a victim of grievous injuries inflicted intentionally. Even if she had lived,the quality of life would have been poor given that she had a tracheostomy and had never revived enough for doctors to ascertain the extent of brain damage.

Doctors had performed five brain surgeries to eliminate an aggressive infection that could have proved fatal. But on Thursday night,they were unable to explain the reason for the final cardiac arrest. “We do not see any obvious possible cause,since she was doing so well. But the reasons will be clear after a post-mortem,scheduled for Friday,” Dr Aggarwal said.

A professor from the department of Forensic Medicine said: “Since it is a medico legal case,we will have to conduct a post-mortem examination. Her viscera may have to be preserved. Her blood samples have already been kept for DNA testing. We will get to know what led to this attack.”

As of Thursday night,doctors didn’t know who would take the infant’s body. The woman who claims to be her mother visited her once. Officially,there are no instructions yet to hand her the body.