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Why messy homes can lead to broader waistlines

Scientists advise keeping bedroom clear of electronic gadgets like televisions as they hinder sleep.

Experts have claimed that a chaotic and messy home is one of the reasons behind being overweight.

They argue that clutter and disorganisation affects much more that just one’s state of mind and organising one’s home,streamlining it could have a similar effect on the waistline.

“To set yourself on the path to a healthy lifestyle you must get your home environment organised first,” the Daily Express quoted Steve Halsall,founder of Fitness 12 Retreats as saying.

“A messy house lends itself to a culture of fast food and unhealthy living. Aim for a comfortable,clean and ordered environment and you’ll more easily change bad habits into good ones and get the body and lifestyle you want,” he stated.


De-cluttering the kitchen and planning menus ahead of cooking makes it easier to find ingredients to cook healthy food,thereby keeping one away from tempting junk food like pizzas,whereas cleaning the wardrobe of all the big or small clothes saves it from resembling an overstocked humble sale,experts say.

They also advice keeping the bedroom clear of electronic gadgets like televisions as they often hinder sleep,and lack of sleep or disturbed sleep lowers the levels of the hormone leptin responsible for regulating appetite.

They also suggest that dining table be used for the purpose of eating rather than making it a dumping ground for all paperwork as this leads to “mindless eating”.