Venkys not ‘chickening out’ despite Blackburn’s relegation

Venkys not ‘chickening out’ despite Blackburn’s relegation

Company denies talks about sale of club,says it will try to bring Blackburn back on track.

Blackburn Rovers owners Venkys have denied claims of selling the club,and clarified that deputy chief executive Paul Hunt was removed as a cost cutting measure,and added that the decision had nothing to do with his explosive email.

Venkatesh Rao,brother of Anuradha Desai,and part of the triumvirate,which owns the club,said the talks about possible sale of the club were wrong,and they would try to bring Blackburn back on track.

“The sacking was not for that,as he had to go,and we have to cut down on budgets,so it [the email has got nothing to do with it. It”s our company and these allegations of selling the club are very wrong,” The Independent quoted Rao,as saying.

Getting relegated would have various financial implications for Rovers such as their Sky television money getting decimated,which is of worth at least 35 million pounds annually,and the parachute payment of 48 million pounds spread over four years,is a fraction by comparison.


Rao admits the club is in a difficult position,and the fans have the right to criticize them,but he also said the owners were determined to bring the club back in good shape.

“It’s how they [the fans feel and naturally they are going to do that [protest. We need to come out of this situation and the fans have every right to do what they want,” Rao said.

“The press has got it right. If someone loses or wins they will report but we have to come out of this situation. There is nobody to be blamed,” he added.