Two-third drivers baffled by basic road signs

More than half thought the ‘no waiting’ sign meant ‘no entry’ or ‘no parking’.

Written by Agencies | London | Published: January 4, 2012 10:48:27 am

Many British drivers have so little knowledge of the Highway Code that two-third of them are totally confused by basic road signs on a daily basis,according to a new study.

The study by a motor oil company found that one in three drivers admit they get so bemused they simply follow the car in front when they are not sure what to do.

It also revealed that one in 20 motorists even confess they ‘never’ take notice of highway signposts.

And three per cent of drivers said their confusion over road signs had led them to have an accident — that’s the equivalent of just over 1.3 million incidents.

When drivers were shown ‘give way’ road markings,half did not know what it meant and one in 20 even believed it meant they should wind their window down and listen for approaching vehicles.

A third believed the ‘no motor vehicles allowed’ sign meant the complete opposite — that only cars and motorbikes were allowed.

More than half thought the ‘no waiting’ sign meant ‘no entry’ or ‘no parking’ and one in three believed diversion signs were not applicable to cars,and were instead for truck drivers only.

Disturbingly,one in four British people believe the ‘end of 30mph speed limit’ means they are not allowed to dip below 30mph.

Just over half of drivers have not looked at the Highway Code since taking their theory test.

Motoring expert Quentin Willson said he was shocked that 28.6 million motorists appear to be baffled by road signs.

“It’s worrying to think the vast majority of British motorists have not got a clue about the road signs they see every day,” he said.

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