Suspects seemed set for more attacks; teen regains sense

White House says Dzhokhar to be tried in federal court

Written by New York Times | Washington | Published: April 23, 2013 12:49:32 am


The two men suspected in the Boston Marathon bombings were armed with a small arsenal of guns,ammunition and explosives when they first confronted police early Friday,and were most likely planning more attacks,authorities said Sunday.

Meanwhile,US investigators Monday started grilling the lone surviving Chechen-origin suspect after he regained consciousness and was able to scribble out written responses,Press Trust of India reported.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is awake and responding sporadically in writing to questions,authorities said. Investigators are asking about other cell members and unexploded bombs,ABC News reported.

US officials said they were increasingly certain that the two suspects had acted on their own,but were looking for any hints that someone had trained or inspired them.

New details about the suspects,their alleged plot,including the types of weapons that were used and the bomb design’s link to a terrorist manual.

Boston police commissioner Edward Davis said authorities believed Tsarnaev and his older brother,Tamerlan,had planned more attacks beyond the bombings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. When the suspects seized a Mercedes-Benz sport utility vehicle and held the driver hostage,they told him that they planned to head to New York.

Along with determining the suspects had made at least five pipe bombs,authorities recovered four firearms. The authorities found an M-4 carbine rifle — a weapon similar to ones used by US forces in Afghanistan — on the boat where Dzhokhar was found Friday night in Watertown,Mass.,10 miles west of Boston.

Two handguns and a BB gun that authorities believe the brothers used in an earlier shootout with officers in Watertown were also recovered.

The White House on Monday said Dzhokhar will not be tried as an enemy combatant in a military tribunal, but as a civilian in the federal court system,Associated Press reported.

Teen charges framed

BOSTON: Federal prosecutors charged him with one count of using a weapon of mass destruction and one count of malicious destruction of property resulting in death,the Justice Department said on Monday. The charges authorize penalties including death,life in prison or a term in prison for any number of years.

Boston mourns in silence

BOSTON: Seven days after the Boston Marathon bombings,the city planned to mark the traumatic week with mournful silence and a return to its bustling commute. Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick has asked residents to observe a moment of silence at 2:50 pm Monday,the time the first of the two bombs exploded near the finish line. Bells will ring across the city and state after the minute-long tribute to the victims.

‘Teen probably ran SUV over brother’

Boston: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev,the younger of the two Chechen brothers,probably killed his elder brother Tamerlan by running over his SUV over him while fleeing,police said.

Dzhokhar,19,arrested on Friday after days of manhunt,is in a Boston hospital. His elder brother,Tamerlan,26,the alleged mastermind of the bombing died a day earlier in a shootout.

In an interview to Boston Globe,Watertown Police Chief Ed Deveau claimed Dzhokhar ran over his brother on his stolen SUV when police was about to handcuff and arrest him Thursday night. His autopsy report has not come in yet.

Describing the chain of events,Deveau said after days of manhunt,a local police spotted the two brothers driving in two cars — Honda sedan and a stolen Mercedes SUV. Soon the two brothers jumped out of their vehicles and started firing on the police,while more police were rushed to the scene.

“At least 200 shots were fired,maybe as many as 300,” he told the Boston Globe.

The shots,around 12:50 am,woke resident Jennings Aske,at 66 Laurel Ave. When he looked out his window he saw a green Honda Civic sedan stopped in the street,with its lights on and the driver’s side windows blown out. A husky man — apparently Tamerlan Tsarnaev — stood nearby firing a gun,the daily reported.

After several minutes of exchange of fire,Deveau said Tamerlan apparently ran out of bullets. Officers tackled him and were trying to get him handcuffed. It is at this point Dzhokhar came driving on the stolen Mercedes SUV; officers scattered and the SUV plowed over Tamerlan Tsarnaev,who was dragged briefly under the car. PTI

‘Tamerlan disrupted mosque sermon’

Boston: TAMERLAN Tsarnaev,the older of two brothers suspected in the Boston Marathon blasts,had objected to a sermon at a Cambridge mosque in which the speaker compared the Prophet with civil rights leader Martin Luther King,a mosque official said.

Yusufi Vali,executive director of Islamic Society of Boston,which runs the mosque,said Tsarnaev told the speaker,“You are a kafir [an unbeliever,” and said he was contaminating people’s minds and was a hypocrite. Vali said,“The congregation then said,‘You are the hypocrite.’ The congregation shouted him out of the mosque.”

It was the second time that Tsarnaev had made an outburst during one of the speaker’s sermons,Vali was quoted as saying by the Boston Globe. PTI

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