Surgical strikes can’t be carried out on Pak: Musharraf

Surgical strikes can’t be carried out on Pak: Musharraf

Ex-Pak President Pervez Musharraf said Pakistan is prepared to respond with 'full force' in case surgical strikes are carried out.

Former President Pervez Musharraf said on Saturday that surgical strikes cannot be carried out against Pakistan and if such an eventuality arises the country is prepared to respond with “full force.”

“In my opinion,surgical strikes cannot be carried out in Pakistan,” he told reporters in Islamabad when asked about the possibility of India carrying out surgical strikes.

“We have maintained a force level which is adequate for deterrence. And we have the resolve to use the force if there is any danger,” Musharraf said.

The country would respond to any eventuality with full force,he said ahead of his departure for the US to deliver guest lectures.


Musharraf said threatening statements would only create tensions and people should not make such statements for “political expediency”.

Replying to a question,he said the Mumbai attacks had led to war hysteria in both India and Pakistan. The former military ruler,who resigned last year to avoid impeachment by the PPP-led ruling coalition,refused to comment on the government’s handling of the situation in the wake of the Mumbai attacks.

“Let them handle it. We expect the best,” he said. Stating that the root causes of terrorism need to be addressed,Musharraf added that the time had come to resolve the Kashmir and Palestine issues.

“Political disputes like Palestine and Kashmir have to be resolved. Israel has adopted a regressive policy to deal with the issue by attacking Palestinians in Gaza. They are deteriorating the situation,” he said.