Spot fixing: Defending IPL,Warner attacks Aus press

Spot fixing: Defending IPL,Warner attacks Aus press

David Warner tore into two Australian journalists on twitter

David Warner is facing a Cricket Australia enquiry after attacking two noted Australian cricket writers on his twitter page. The tirade was prompted by an article by Robert Craddock,a journalist with Courier Mail. The article titled “Dangers of living it up in the Indian Premier League” went on to say that the IPL was ‘the sunniest of places for the shadiest of people’ and that few Australians who participate in the league come back better.

On Saturday,Warner took to Twitter in response. The Delhi Daredevils cricketer called Craddock a “pr***” who writes “s***” and also described the other columnist Malcolm Conn an “old f**t.”

Warner wrote to Craddock,saying,“Shock me @crashcraddock1 talking shit about ipl jealous p****. Get a real job. All you do is bag people. #getalife.”

“@TheStooge2 @crashcraddock1 All he did was talk s*** about the greats now he s**** up there a**. Talk more crap why don’t you,” read one of his tweets. “Wow @crashcraddock1 some smart journo who thinks he can bring Down people. Well done CHAMP!!,” read another.


To Conn,Warner wrote,“@malcolmconn are you still talking you old f***,no wonder know one buys your paper.” In another tweet he wrote,“@malcolmconn have a look at you,your a fool writing back thinking your talking to a wannabe cricketer haha.”

The explosive series of tweets was noted by Australia’s Cricket Board and they issues a statement that they will investigate the matter. “Cricket Australia is aware of comments made on David Warner’s twitter account overnight. Cricket Australia is attempting to contact Warner and will continue to investigate the matter,” a CA statement said. The journalists too responded to Warner’s outbursts.

“That’s the reason why I tried to rattle the sabre in Saturday’s paper with an article saying the Indian Premier League needs to clean its sordid act up,” said Craddock in the Courier Mail. “Whenever you criticise the sacred cow that is Indian cricket there is always a chance you’ll have to put on your flak jacket the next morning.”

Conn,in a radio show,said: “I’m all for free speech. He can say what he likes to me as far as I’m concerned,” he said. “It’s put paid to any suggestion that he’s got any sort of leadership qualities. If he can’t contain himself on Twitter,I don’t know how he’s going to go in the furnace of leadership when things get tough.”