Shooter Mampi Das files FIR after fracas with Kolkata club members

Shooter Mampi Das files FIR after fracas with Kolkata club members

Mampi was allegedly assaulted by a few fellow club members at the North Calcutta Rifle Club.

Indian shooting sensation Mampi Das on Monday was allegedly assaulted by a few fellow club members at the North Calcutta Rifle Club. The matter was reported to police,though West Bengal Rifle Association has asked the 17-year-old shooter not to pursue the case further and sort out the issue internally and amicably.

The controversy started this morning when Mampi went for training and was reportedly not allowed to enter the practice arena.

“Former India shooter Kuheli Ganguly’s trainees blocked my way and told me to go off. When I protested they shoved me and assaulted my mother. Kaushalla Mondal,Soumya Chakrabarty,Sukanya Dutta and Aparna Dutta were in that group. All Kuheli’s students. So I see Kuheli’s hand in this. Mind you,she’s doesn’t hold any official post at the club and is just a member like me,” Mampi said,speaking to The Indian Express. “But she enjoys enormous power. Her father Dipen Ganguly is the club’s joint-secretary.”

Mampi claims that it was only after suffering injuries did she call the cops. “I suffered hand and neck injuries. So I called the police and went to the Ultadanga Police Station to lodge an official complaint,” she added.


Mampi and Kuheli have had their run-ins and according to the former,her senior colleague has always tried to make “life difficult” for her. This time the bone of contention was Mampi’s participation in the shooting nationals that starts in Delhi from December 11.

“I didn’t file my entry form for the nationals through the club this time,because on some occasions they didn’t send my entry to the National Rifle Association of India on time and I had to pay hefty fines before being allowed to compete. So this time I submitted my entry as an individual and not on behalf of the club. I had the West Bengal Rifle Association’s permission for that. But Kuheli was very unhappy and I suspect this was her way to settle the score,” Mampi alleged.

Kuheli,however,termed the allegations as ‘baseless’. “Mampi instigated the whole problem. She wanted to take Lane No. 11 which was already occupied by Kaushalla. She’s also 17,differently-abled and has qualified for the nationals. And because she’s my trainee,Mampi wanted her out of the Lane. Her mother came close to hurting Kaushalla and when the other members of the club intervened to stop her,there was a scuffle,” Kuheli told this paper.

“Mampi needs to learn humility. I think that 400/400 (a world record that Mampi scored in the national selections trials at Pune last year) has gone to her head. Now she always tries to throw her weight around and bullies the newcomers,” said Kuheli.

But Mampi has also alleged jealousy. “I’m one year older than her mother. How can I be jealous of her! She’s a special talent and I sincerely want her to flourish. Actually,I always tell her to behave properly which is the reason she doesn’t like me. As far as filing the individual entry is concerned,our club has a clear policy that every entry has to go through the club,” Kuheli explained.

West Bengal Rifle Association president VK Dhall said he’s asked both parties to reach an amicable solution.

“Basically this is a problem between two individuals. But as the guardian of Bengal shooting,we don’t want any further controversy. So we’ve asked both the parties not to pursue the case further and get things settled with a clear-the-air meeting.”