Quest Scholars: Response by Vishruti Jain to question for October 14-20

Quest Scholars: Response by Vishruti Jain to question for October 14-20

Do you think the media in India needs to be more responsible in its news coverage?

The French don’t refer to Media as the Fourth Pillar or the Fourth Estate without reason. They understand and appreciate the massive might commanded by this powerful entity. The Media has the ability to reach out to millions and thus its influence can facilitate the ends of empires,bring down governments,change the course of revolutions and even alter the stars of our beloved actors. Media in itself is in possession of power equivalent to that shared between the three traditional pillars of democracy- the Judiciary,the Legislature and the Executive.

The Constitution clearly demarcated the norms and jurisdictions for all organs of the government to protect the interests of the people. The vast influence exercised by Media also requires such rules of procedure to ensure that its power isn’t abused to fulfil narrow personal agendas that adversely affect the nation.

Since Media is the first port of call for most to find out what is happening around them,it is imperative that our journalists treat each and every piece of news with extreme caution,rigorous verification and hold back on that pinch of salt to avoid sensationalising the information in their quest for TRPs.

In conclusion,I would revert to the age old saying; the pen is mightier than the sword. By granting operating licenses to private TV Channels,the government has offered the viewers a wide spectrum of news coverage but at the same time it has given the private sector a tool of such an extraordinary potency that its implementation walks a tightrope teetering between use and abuse.

Vishruti Jain


Amity International School,Sector 44,Noida