Quest Scholars: Response by Taran Ratra to question for October 14-20

Quest Scholars: Response by Taran Ratra to question for October 14-20

Do you think the media in India needs to be more responsible in its news coverage?

The media is a source of information and news to millions of people all across the globe which is why it is also called mass media. Since it reaches people anywhere and everywhere,the information given by the media should be carefully structured.

A media organisation must accommodate the views and opinions of all and then give a broad review on a particular topic. The media in India claims to accommodate the viewpoints of all and claims to be not biased but biased approach still can be seen in their information and they ultimately lead us to believe their opinions and views regarding a particular matter.

Media also provides information about the mishaps occurring in the world,to numerous people.

Sometimes they provide unnecessary information in such situation which can be proved useful to the people causing these mishaps,putting the lives of many,in danger. For example during the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai the media made a blunder by broadcasting the location of hostages and Indian soldiers.

Yes,the media should be more responsible,cautious and careful in their coverage.

Taran Ratra

Class- X-A

Springdales School,Dhaula Kuan‬

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