Quest Scholars: Response by Disha Purwar to question for October 14-20

Quest Scholars: Response by Disha Purwar to question for October 14-20

Do you think the media in India needs to be more responsible in its news coverage?

Democracy is defined by freedom of speech and expression. Media is an embodiment of these rights that define democracy.

A free media is a pillar of this edifice. It holds up the State and seeks accountability from it. For years,mass media companies have been considered both as business and social institutions of the society.

Moreover,mass media has also evolved into becoming one of the most influential and powerful social institutions of the century.Mass media’s surveillance function about critical issues concerning the political,economic,social,and cultural sectors of the society provides people with information that would have otherwise been left unknown to them without the mass media.

In effect,mass media becomes an influential determinant of public opinion.At the same time,media should apply self-restraint while reporting as not to cause any harm to any individual,group of people and society at large. Messages designed to influence peoples’ attitudes,desires and decisions should be relayed without bias.

So,since it is so influential,the media should be responsible towards reporting the news correctly and without prejudice.

Disha Purwar


Amity international school,sector-43,Gurgaon