Pakistan among ‘most negatively perceived’ countries: BBC poll

Pakistan among ‘most negatively perceived’ countries: BBC poll

Respondents blames foreign policy,poor treatment of its citizens for such widespread negative perception.

Pakistan has been ranked second in the list of most negatively rated countries in the world by a global poll for BBC World Service,which surveyed 24,090 people around the world.

Pakistan was rated “mostly negative” by 51% of the respondents,getting placed just one spot above the most negatively rated country – Iran,which was rated negative by 55% of the total respondents,reports The Express Tribune.

Most of the respondents blamed Pakistan’s foreign policy and the poor treatment of its citizens for such a widespread negative perception of the country.

According to the poll results,Pakistan is the only country that rated its own influence as negative.


The survey results revealed that a negative view of Pakistan was found mostly in Western countries. Around 75% Americans,69% Canadians and 72% Australians said Pakistan”s influence in the world is mainly negative. The pattern of negative perception was similar in the European countries. The view of Pakistan by India was negative as well.

Out of 22 countries that were surveyed,Indonesia is the only one,which holds a positive view of Pakistan.

Japan was rated most positive by the majority of the respondents (58%),followed by Germany,Canada and the UK.

Citizens of 22 countries were interviewed face-to-face or by telephone between December 6,2011 and February 17,2012.