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‘Pak militant groups mulling friendly Kashmir policy’

Pakistan-based militant groups,including Lashkar-e-Toiba,are reassessing their Kashmir policy in the wake of the Mumbai terror attacks,according to a media report.

Pakistan-based militant groups,including Lashker-e-Toiba,are pondering a “new,friendly policy on Kashmir” in the wake of mounting pressure on them following the Mumbai attacks,a media report claimed on Thursday.

Senior leaders of LeT and the United Jehad Council,a conglomerate of terrorist groups active in Jammu and Kashmir,are reassessing their policy in the aftermath of the November 26 terror strikes,the News daily said.

The top militant leaders are “pondering a new,friendly policy on Kashmir” because of mounting global pressure on Pakistan after the Mumbai attacks and subsequent action against jehadi groups in the country,a ‘knowledgeable’ source was quoted as saying in the report.

The newspaper said it was unable to reach UJC chairman Syed Salahuddin for his comments. Salahuddin’s spokesman Ehsan Elahi said the groups wanted the Kashmir issue to be “settled amicably” in the emerging situation.


“It is our desire that this problem is resolved through dialogue… Neither is militancy an easy affair nor are we happy with it,” Elahi said.

“We want peace but it does not mean that we are renouncing our stance or showing a weakness. If there is such an impression in any quarter,it is completely wrong.” Elahi complained that the current Pakistani government,unlike past administrations,was “not supporting them”.

Since the Pakistan People’s Party-led government is not backing the groups diplomatically and morally,they had “obvious grumbles” but understood the “prevailing volatile situation”,he said.