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Monday, June 25, 2018

Now,wonder balm that blurs out wrinkles or spots in just 40 secs

Nanoblur is full of high-tech particles that scatter light,making skin look miraculously better.

Written by ANI | London | Published: October 10, 2011 11:43:30 am

The latest weapon for women against aging is a new wonder balm that claims to hide wrinkles and pigmentations making them look younger in just 40 seconds.

Nanoblur balm,which arrived in the UK last week,has already reached to the top of the sales charts in 22 countries.

“People want instant gratification in all areas of their lives; that includes cosmetics,” the Daily Mail quoted Brandon Truaxe,CEO of Indeed Labs,the Canadian company behind Nanoblur,as saying.

“The reality of this industry is there has been scam after scam,so people’s patience runs out. But this really does deliver results,” he claimed.

Nanoblur is a cream full of minute high-tech particles that scatter light,making skin look miraculously better — clearer,fresher and younger — in seconds,by blurring wrinkles and pigmentation.

The idea of using optical diffusing elements to confuse the eye and minimise the appearance of wrinkles is hardly new,and has,for years,been employed by cosmetics companies in face-flattering products.

But Nanoblur has taken the technology behind this idea to a new level of sophistication.

“Our particle sizes are hundreds of times smaller than older formulas. That means they can find their way into the smallest imperfections and use tricks of light to iron them out,” stated Truaxe.

“If you give a photograph to a digital artist for improvements they will usually start by blurring out imperfections.

“That is what this product does. It refracts light in so many different directions it has the effect of looking through frosted glass.

“Most other products that try to do this are primers,which you use on the skin before applying make-up. Ours is a ‘finisher’ — it is the final step,” added Truaxe.

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