Not sexually assaulted,Dewani executed in cold blood: Report

Not sexually assaulted,Dewani executed in cold blood: Report

Dewani,who was killed in South Africa,was not assaulted,as per a leaked medical report.

The Indian-origin woman killed while on a honey-moon in South Africa was executed in cold blood and had not been sexually assaulted,a leaked medical report suggests.

A document written by a paramedic who attended the scene states that Anni Dewani,28,was killed after sustaining wounds to her neck and back.

Engineering graduate Anni was found dead hours after the honeymoon couple’s taxi was held up by women in the Gugulethu township near Cape Town.

The driver was later charged with murder,leading to suspicions that the attack may have been planned.


Sources involved in the case had earlier suggested Swedish-born Anni could have been sexually assaulted,a claim repeatedly denied by South African police until now.

This appears to contradict the alleged findings of an investigation by a ballistics expert apparently commissioned by the legal team representing her husband Shrien,the Daily Mail reported.

This apparently found that she had been shot through the hand. Victims who suffer hand wounds have often been shot unintentionally during a struggle.

The document,officially known in South Africa as a Declaration of Death,was compiled by a paramedic at 7.59am on November 14,just an hour-and-a-half after police found the body of Anni.

Under the section ‘description of incident’ it states that Anni was discovered ‘lying on her back and side. Wound to neck and wounds to medial scapula in the middle of her back’,the report said.

At the bottom of the document it states: ‘Unable to determine if wound in neck is gunshot wound.’

The report makes no mention of injuries to Anni’s hands.

A medical officer who attended the scene said: “I didn’t see any wounds on her hands. I didn’t examine them but I’m sure if she was shot I would have noticed blood coming from her hands. The only wounds I noticed were the bullet wounds in her neck and two or three stab wounds on her back from a knife with a blade half-an-inch long.

“Her clothes were intact. There was no sign that there had been an attempted sexual attack or fighting. Her clothes were neat like when you lay a baby down and pull her clothes nicely. There was no evidence of a struggle.”

She looked like someone who had maybe passed out after drinking or had been sedated. I got the definite impression that she was executed.”