National teams asked to display SAI logo on kit

National teams asked to display SAI logo on kit

SAI's decision-making arm decided to appoint qualified CEOs to professionalise their management.

Next time an Indian team takes part in an international event,it’ll have to bear a Sports Authority of India (SAI) logo,displayed rather prominently,on its kit.

Taking a note that it has provided ‘substantial financial assistance’ to the national sports federations,SAI has ordered them to display its logo in all publicity material,official merchandise and sports kits during all domestic and international sporting events. The decision was taken by SAI’s governing body,which is headed by sports minister Jitender Singh.

Currently,SAI pays for the expenses incurred to hold national/international championships in the country,participation of Indian athletes in events held abroad,purchase of equipments,appointment of coaches and other experts,and using SAI facilities across the country.

Monetary assistance

The governing body also took note of the fact that SAI has extended plenty of monetary assistance to the federations in the past four years — 2009-10: Rs 8,020.41 lakh,2010-11: 10,337.18 lakh,2011-12: 13,603.38 lakh and 2012-13: 13,057.26 lakh. “The governing body decided that all NSFs receiving financial support from SAI must recognise the contribution of SAI by prominently displaying the SAI logo,” SAI said in a statement.


SAI’s decision-making arm also decided to appoint qualified CEOs for the federations to professionalise their management. The government will bear the remuneration of the CEOs. However,the federations have given their thumbs down to the move,fearing that the CEO would act as government moles in the association,given that they will be on their payroll.

The government had written to 13 federations including archery,athletics,badminton,boxing,football,canoeing/kayaking,gymnastics,hockey,rowing,shooting,swimming,wrestling and wushu and School Games Federation of India. Only badminton,canoeing/kayaking,wrestling and SGFI are said to have replied back.

Among other decisions taken during the meeting in New Delhi on Tuesday night,SAI will be setting up a world-class sports museum at the Major Dhyanchand Stadium,with “technical assistance from professional agencies and support of corporate organizations”.

It was also decided to set up private academies,to be run by eminent sportspersons/agencies at SAI facilities across the country on revenue-sharing basis; setting up sports academies by SAI to nurture talent of young sportspersons; renting out various stadia and attached areas for non-sporting events to augment revenue generation and to better utilise legacy infrastructure.