Mitt Romney dubbed ‘wimp’ by Newsweek magazine

According to Politico,Republican candidate is not losing sleep over being tagged a 'wimp'.

Written by Agencies | Published: July 30, 2012 2:35:33 pm

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been dubbed as a ‘wimp’ on the forthcoming cover of Newsweek magazine.

According to The Politico,Romney said he is not losing sleep over being tagged a “wimp”.

“If I worried about what the media said,I wouldn’t get much sleep,and I’ve been able to sleep pretty well,” Romney said in the interview in Israel,where he is traveling.

Asked about the cover,Romney laughed and said he does not recall ever being called a wimp before.

The cover of the August 6 edition of the magazine reads,”Romney: The Wimp Factor.” Romney is not the first Republican dubbed a wimp on Newsweek’s cover.

A 1987 profile of George H W Bush was titled,”Fighting the ‘Wimp Factor.”’

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