Military approach to Syrian crisis will fuel civil war: India

Military approach to Syrian crisis will fuel civil war: India

Puri said a military approach to tackle the Syrian crisis would result in 'havoc'.

India expressed concern that the growing “militarization” of the Syrian conflict will have serious consequences for peace and security in the region,as it warned that a military approach to the 15-month long crisis would fuel a large-scale sectarian civil war.

India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Hardeep Singh Puri said a military approach to tackle the Syrian crisis would result in “havoc” as it would lead to aiding and abetting of terrorism which would have serious consequences for the entire region.

“India continues to remain deeply concerned at the deteriorating situation in Syria. We strongly condemn all violence,irrespective of who the perpetrators are. We also condemn all violations of human rights,” Puri said at the informal plenary meeting of the UN General Assembly on the situation in Syria.

Puri said the “growing militarization” of the conflict in Syria would have serious consequences for peace,stability and security not only in the troubled nation but also in the larger region.


“A military approach to the Syrian crisis will not only further exacerbate the situation and fuel a large-scale sectarian civil war but also cause havoc by aiding and abetting terrorism and proliferation of weapons that will have serious consequences for the entire region and beyond,” Puri said.

The crisis in Syria,which began over a year ago following the Arab Spring movement,has worsened despite efforts by UN and Arab League joint envoy Kofi Annan and special UN observers to bring an end to the violence.

Annan told the General Assembly that his six-point peace plan is not being implemented in the troubled nation and warned of an “all-out civil war” if urgent and united action is not taken to end the bloodshed.

The UNGA meeting came in the wake of the recent massacre in Houla,where 108 people,including 49 children,many of whom were under the age of 10,were killed,as well as reports of large-scale killings in al-Qubeir,near Hama,which the UN Supervision Mission in Syria is currently trying to verify.

Puri said from the outset,India has called for a peaceful and inclusive political process to address the grievances of all sections of Syrian society.

He voiced India’s support to the efforts of the UN and League of Arab States for a peaceful resolution of the crisis through a Syrian-led inclusive political process.

Puri reiterated India’s “full support” to Annan’s efforts and to the UN’s special mission in Syria to resolve the crisis through an inclusive Syrian-led political process without any further bloodshed.

He expressed concern over the sharp increase in the number of terrorist attacks across Syria and the difficult humanitarian situation for over a million Syrians.

“What is needed is that all sides to the conflict recommit themselves to the six-point plan of Annan and cooperate to create an environment conducive for launching an inclusive Syrian-led political process,” Puri said.

Underlining the need for “expeditious” action by all sides to cease violence,Puri called for cessation of “all outside support” for armed groups and serious action against the terrorist groups operating in Syria.

He noted that the Annan should be given “sufficient time,space and flexibility” to pursue his mandate and that there should be one mediation process led by the former UN Chief.

Annan’s “efforts should be fully supported. No action should be taken by any side,inside or outside Syria,to derail the Annan Mission,” Puri said.

Puri said all parties in Syria should ensure safety and security of the UN observers and provide them an environment in which they can implement their mandate independently,impartially and fairly.


The parties should also cooperate with the United Nations to provide humanitarian assistance to those in need as well as to ensure investigation of human rights violations and justice to the perpetrators,Puri said.