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Mona Lisa,Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece,is being unveiled by a Swiss-based art foundation.

Mona Lisa,Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece,is being unveiled by a Swiss-based art foundation. The foundation argues that this painting is indeed the original,backing its claim with evidence from a US research physicist,a forensic imaging specialist and a top Italian expert on the artist. In a 300-page publication devoted to research over 30 years on what has long been known as the Isleworth Mona Lisa,the foundation argues that it was painted between 1503 and 1505 in Florence and never finished. Alessandro Vezzosi,director of the Leonardo museum in central Italy,said he had long believed in the existence of two Mona Lisas.

La Tomatina,Spain’s popular tomato-throwing festival may charge fees from next year. Tourists might have to pay an entry fee of 5 euros to throw tomatoes at each other. The August festival attracts up to 50,000 revellers in Bunol. But local authorities would like to cut the number to half. Town councillor Rafael Perez denied the plan to charge visitors has to do with Spain’s deep economic crisis. The enormous food fight began accidentally in 1945,when a group of young men were excluded from celebrations and protested by throwing tomatoes. The protest continued illegally every year until the town council accepted it as a festival in itself in 1957,and it became famous internationally after the 1990s.

Elvis Presley,‘King’ of rock’n’roll,has been toppled by Li’l Wayne to become the new King of the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart,with a total of 109 songs. Wayne surpassed Presley’s count of 108 entries in the Hot 100 singles chart between 1958 and 2003. Wayne ranked fifth on Billboard’s list of top-earning musicians in 2011,with an estimated $23.1 million. Presley held his title as the artist with the most Hot 100 singles for 45 years,with his single Rubberneckin’ last appearing on the chart in 2003. Both Wayne and Presley were overtaken by the cast of Fox’s hit musical television show Glee,who have had a total of 204 entries in to date.