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Michele Bachmann,US Republican presidential candidate,is writing a memoir which is currently untitled.

Michele Bachmann,

US Republican presidential candidate,is writing a memoir which is currently untitled. “Currently untitled. This seems to present an opportunity,” writes Rachel Nolan.

Political memoirs usually make a point of choosing as inoffensive a title as possible. Of the current Republican candidates,Mitt Romney offers No Apology: Believe in America. Pizza mogul Herman Cain went emphatic: This Is Herman Cain!: My Journey to the White House. “It’s tempting to suggest Bachmann follow his example and pen a book titled This is Michele Bachmann!,” Nolan says.

Renny Harlin,

film director and producer best known for films like Die Hard 2,Cliffhanger and Deep Blue Sea,says when the opportunity to direct 5 Days of War presented itself,he immediately signed on,even though it had a budget of only $12 million. The film is inspired by the five-day war between Russia and the Georgian Republic in 2008. “I’d seen photographs and articles about the war,” Harlin says,“and I knew it was important.” “We began shooting in the summer of 2009,about a year after the war,” he continues. “We shot in Georgia,in the actual locations. The physical scars are still fresh,and the fear in people’s eyes is real. Their stories are harrowing.”

Schuyler Fisk,

actress and singer-songwriter is not yet a household name,but has made her mark. She starred in the films,The Baby-Sitters Club,Snow Day and,most notably,Orange County and in 2009,released an album,The Good Stuff. She’s now co-starring with Mia Wasikowska and Henry Hopper in a new film,Restless. The film follows the lives of teenagers Annabel (Wasikowska) and Enoch (Hopper). Annabel’s dying of cancer. Fisk co-stars as her older sister,Elizabeth. “The script was so beautifully written.” she says. Fisk adds that she appreciated that the characters were “flawed and interesting. In other words,they’re like real people.”