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Julie Benz,the 39-year-old who played Rita,Dexter Morgan’s wife for four seasons on Dexter

Julie Benz,

the 39-year-old who played Rita,Dexter Morgan’s wife for four seasons on Dexter,(2006-2010),is back in another series,A Gifted Man. In A Gifted Man,she plays the flighty sister of a neurosurgeon (Patrick Wilson) who is trying to cope with visits from his dead ex-wife (Jennifer Ehle). Then there’s Ricochet,a crime drama scheduled with Benz cast as a femme fatale. Based on Sandra Brown’s 2007 novel,the movie is set in Savannah,Georgia,US,and involves a corrupt judge (Gary Cole),his wife (Benz),two detectives (John Corbett and Kelly Overton) and a corpse. Benz also will be seen in the film Answers to Nothing,co-starring Dane Cook and Elizabeth Mitchell,in which she plays a cop.

Robert Forster

has only two scenes in The Descendants,but they’re powerful and pivotal—and he nails them. The film stars George Clooney as Matt,a man struggling to connect with his daughters after his wife,Elizabeth (Patricia Hastie),is injured in a boating accident and left comatose. Forster plays Elizabeth’s father,an old,angry man who has never liked Matt. “I appreciated this story. A tragedy gives Matt an opportunity to rediscover his family and to learn how to handle tragedy,” he says. Some actors,knowing they’ll have only two scenes in which to make an impression,will amp up a performance so as not to be overlooked. Forster isn’t one of them. “That’s not the way I work. Also,this was well-written stuff. You don’t have to do anything more than what was written,” he says.

Kelly Clarkson,

the pop rock singer,has been belting power-pop hits like I Do Not Hook Up and Since U Been Gone for a decade and dismissing withering criticism of her weight. As a result,her fans have built a distinctive relationship with her. That connection has been reinforced by Stronger,released in October,which the singer describes as her own journey of empowerment,addressed directly to fans. Courtney E Martin,author of Perfect Girls,Starving Daughters,said,“There’s so much talk about Taylor Swift being the girl next door. But with Kelly,you sense that she really is the girl next door. She acknowledges more complexity than most stars talk about.”