Internet boosting terror,says Israel’s top spy

Internet boosting terror,says Israel’s top spy

"Technology has made the world smaller and flatter," Israel's intelligence chief said.

The transformation of the world into a “global village”,the Internet as well as additional technology available to the public has made terrorism more lethal in the 21st century,Israel’s intelligence chief has warned.

“The terrorist threat in the future has become more complex. The world has turned into a ‘global village’ and everything is available to everyone. The world is smaller and broader and technology can cross continents,” said Yuval Diskin,chief of Israel’s internal security agency Shin Bet.

“Technology has made the world smaller and flatter,” Diskin said,adding “The availability of technology that has revolutionised economy and communications has also given rise to many global terror opportunities.”

Speaking at the first Israeli Homeland Security International Conference,he pointed out that Google Earth,the Internet and applications that can be downloaded to Apple’s iPhone were available for terrorists to use and obtain intelligence that they could not receive before.


Diskin also warned that global Jihadi organisations like al-Qaeda today use chat rooms on the internet to indoctrinate additional operators and instruct them how to perpetuate terrorist attacks.

He said the 21st century could be best characterized by the fact that terrorists do not feel limited and are ready to carry out “mega terror attacks”.

However,the Israeli internal security head asserted that it is possible to fight terror successfully,and even defeat it.

“Success requires a general cooperation between countries and intelligence agencies and the free flow of knowledge,intelligence and homeland security technology,as well as operational cooperation at a high level and the development of a global judicial system,” he underlined.